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Before you start completing the steps, be sure to have your skipper licence and other relevant documents (ex. VHF licence) on the ready

SkipperBnB Mission
Dear future colleague, congratulations for your intent to apply on SkipperBnB.
Our mission is to connect you to your next client and make it as easy as a mouse click!
Your boat, your freedom, and now your own clients. The journey starts when you decide, and we provide the tools!
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In what area do you spend most of your time during yachting season.
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Charter companies / Sailing programs
Previous work info. State the name of the charter companies you have sailed as a skipper or charterer before and if you attended some special sailing programs (ex. YachtWeek, MedSailors, The ARC, RolexMiddleSea Race, The Clipper Race etc)
Numbers of miles as skipper
Please state the approximate numbers of miles navigated as skipper.
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State the approximate numbers of charters completed as skipper.
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Sailing areas were you want to navigate: (leave unchecked where you DON'T want to go) *
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Here please mark the areas you sailed before and you know marinas, places or you are just comfortable with:
Other proffered locations than above where you sailed before and you know the area:
NO TRANSPORT expenses paid needed for the following areas: *
For each skipper job, the client will pay extra for the transport of the skipper from his location to and from the charter marina. Arrival time is SATURDAY at latest 12.00. If no transport charges are necessary [transport of the skipper is included in the skipper's fee] the skipper's services might be more attractive to the client.
Other locations where you DON'T NEED TRANSPORT expenses paid:
Additional skills: *
Do you demand a separate cabin during itinerary *
Profile description (what potential clients will see when they access the skipper details) *
Please specify in few paragraphs your text profile. It's recommended to take in consideration at least the followings: 1.What is your skipper experience? 2.What was your groups/crews experience/feeling? Number of groups? 3. Describe your strong points, special features/abilities. 4.What are your favorite areas? 5.Participating in special programs like YachtWeek, PartySails, The Clipper Race, VOR etc. You can add any other information you consider relevant (ISAF rating, etc.).
Upload your skipper's license *
This information will be kept strictly confidential. Please upload you valid skipper licence and if is the case, other relevant documents (ex. VHF licence, First Aid certificate, etc.)
Upload 3 photos with resolution 660x440 pixels (please read the instructions) *
On the main page of SkipperBnB will appear Photo 1. If the potential client clicks on the picture, the skipper's profile will load with the text, Photo 2 and Photo 3 and the video. Based on our survey the clients preferences are as follows: Photo 1 - picture the skipper alone on the wheel - front or side angle, Photo 2 - the skipper in the middle of the group/crew, and Photo 3 - picture relevant for the skipper's personality or special abilities. All photos should be as recent as possible. Photo resolution must be 660 x 440 pixels. See below some examples.
Example of Photo type 1 (skipper at the wheel, front or from a side)
Example of Photo type 2 (skipper with the happy crew)
Example of Photo type 3 (relevant for skipper personality/additional skills)
Link to a short video on youtube**
Please upload on youtube or other similar services a short video with the following or similar text: “Hello, welcome to / nice to meet you on SkipperBnB. I am [name] and I am happy to be your skipper! See you soon! / Fair winds! / See you on board! / Welcome on board! / Let’s sail together! / Let’s make your holiday great! (/or make up your own sailing pun)
*video info
Even if the video is not required and is entirely optional, please note that the clients rely on to the skipper's person better when they see a short video. It is in your best interest to film such a video, upload it on YouTube and send us the link.
Facebook link
Linked-in profile link
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Dear colleague, congratulations for your application. STEP 1 is complete. We will review it as soon as possible. If any (the) clarifications are needed we will get back to you. If everything is ok, we will proceed to STEP 2 and we will send you by mail the NEXT FORM for you to complete with your availability calendar and your weekly skipper services fee.
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