Spring 2019 Clarity - Business Launch Bootcamp Application
This program is for you if you resonate with any of the following statements:

-You're tired of having a business vision on your heart that you haven't been able to bring to fruition the way you know you can
-You need the accountability necessary to produce consistent results for your business
-You are spending countless hours on your business without seeing profitable results
-You're ready to learn the keys to having a profitable business and apply them to building up your own business or enhancing your business profits by the end of the program
-You're ready for income-security versus job security, where you can make income no matter our economic climate with the tools you gain from this program
-You have a gift and you're unclear as to how to turn it into a focused, dynamic business
-You have many ideas but desire more focus and follow through

Program content consists of:

- 2 live calls per month with visionaries and entrepreneurs from all over the country facilitated by leadership and business coach, Daphne Valcin
- Each monthly call will be focused on 1 major pillar of business success (P.O.B.), critical action steps entrepreneurs should take associated with that P.O.B. and a business action challenge at the end that every participant is expected to complete
- Optional monthly one-on-one 15-minute clarity calls to get support on ANYTHING you require more clarity on when it comes to your business!
- Calls will incorporate celebrating the progress of business leaders on the line
- Personalized assignments distributed during our calls
- Access to business resources and tools associated with sales, marketing, and operations that Daphne has spent countless hours researching shared during live calls
- A private Facebook group where you'll list a stretch goal for the next 2 weeks and comment on that post with results of your goal that you set at the end of the 2 weeks to help hold you accountable to the goals you set within the program by incorporating accountability to your fellow program participants
- The creation of 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month business milestones
- Delving deeper into the major components of business that I feel will take your business vision and results to the next level:
***Defining your business' specific target market, urgent need, and results
***The elements of the all-important business pitch
***Business organization and compliance
***The 2-hour dream catching principle
***Packaging for profit
***Defining your USP: The art of mastering your craft
***Marketing tools and strategy for consistent business growth
***Deep dives into major marketing streams you can be using to grow your business
***Client acquisition and sales strategies
***Next level business strategies to speed up growth

$1,302 (or $217/m for 6 months) before February 25th OR
$1,602 (or $267/m for 6 months) after February 25th

Make first monthly payment by 2/25
***$300 off
***Get one additional 30-minute coaching session with Daphne!

Pay in full by 2/25
***$300 off
***Get one additional 30-minute coaching session with Daphne!
***Your participating in a 2-hour 2019 Marketing Mastery Session where we work on coming up with all of your topics and some of the most effective strategies for the year for your marketing (whether it's for your blogs, Facebook Lives, workshops, speaking engagements you're reaching out to attain, etc.)

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Are you willing to take a no-excuses approach to getting work done consistently when it comes to your business? *
If you're looking to be a part of my group program, you must commit to: 1) Being on at least 75% of live group calls unless you've discussed an alternative agreement with Coach Daphne Valcin; 2) Completing at least 50% of your personalized action steps from each call for at least 75% of program calls; 3) Celebrating successes of fellow group members; and 4) Putting in work when it comes to the goals you've set for your business even in the midst of fear. Are you willing to commit to that? *
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Please send me an email at daphne@daphnevalcin.com to confirm you've completed your Business Launch Bootcamp application after you've clicked the submit button below!
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