Carlsberg APICS Exam Credit
The APICS Exam Credit form is your form to purchase credit to enable you to complete the Authorization to Test.

Before you start: Make sure you have your APICS id. available.
You can create your id. by following this link:
On the bottom of the page: New user? Create your login.
Once you have created your APICS id. Login in, and goto my APICS (top right).
Just below the Welcome on the My APICS page you can find your APICS id. (a number in the 2-million for new users).

Before you enroll for the CSCP or CLTD exam you need to be eligible. Logon to the APICS site (possible after you got your your APICS id), and go to:
After receiving your eligibility message from APICS, you are allowed to take the CSCP or CLTD exam. Since the eligibility has no expiry date, you are advised to get your APICS id and eligibility already, even if you are not yet sure if and when you will take your exam.

Recently APICS changed from exam windows to the ability to take the exam all year round.

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Thank you for sending in this form. Your order and the accepting of the payment rules are confirmed by clicking on the "verzenden" (send) button
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