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We know that having access to some new reading material and/or games and puzzles might help us enjoy our days while practicing social distancing. We would like to help by offering curbside pick up or delivery to areas in Auburndale, West Newton and Newton Lower Falls, of available ACL books, games, or puzzles to you. Just fill out the request form below and we will be in touch when your order is ready.

Pick up times will be on Tuesdays and Saturdays between 11am-12pm. Delivery to 02466, 02465, and 02462 zip codes may be arranged with our delivery volunteer. Please indicate if you prefer delivery option on this form.
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What is your address? (For delivery and if you need to apply for an ACL library card. Please enter 'N/A' if you prefer pick up at the ACL and already have an ACL card). *
Have you checked the ACL catalog ( - enter the library name, Auburndale Community Library, no password) to see if the items you are requesting are available? If it is available, it will say Available with the number of copies. If it is not available, please only request if you would like us to put a hold on it for you. If you do not check the catalog, it may be that we do not have the book. *
Would you like the items to be delivered to your home? Currently only to 02466, 02465, and 02462. *
Would you like to pick up from the ACL? When your order request is ready, we will call you with a specific date/time.
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What are the items you would like to check out? Please enter up to 6 books. Please include title and author. For example, Front Desk by Kelly Yang. *
You may also check out up to 10 children's books and up to 2 games or puzzles. Please enter the children's books title and author here:
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