Survey on the Use of LMS in the University of Mindanao by Faculty & Students
The purpose of this survey is to gather data on the ease of use/learning of existing LMS platforms for on-line learning. The results shall be used by UM policy makers for continuous quality improvement to enhance the learning experience of students.
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Type of User *
Type of LMS Used *
Period of Use *
Program/College/Branch *
Usefulness *
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
It helps me be more effective.
It helps me be more productive.
It is useful.
It makes the things I want to accomplish easier to get done.
It saves me time when I use it.
It meets my needs.
It is free from external intrusions, hacking and manipulation.
It does everything I would expect it to do.
The LMS has digital tools for synchronous sessions for virtual simultaneous lectures and feedback such as (a) Video Conferencing
(b) Real-time Chat
(c) Real-time Timed Exams/Quizzes
(d) Real-time Polling/Survey
(e) Real-time Attendance
(f) Others
The LMS has digital tools for asynchronous sessions for interactive lecture discussions (a) Digital Forum and Open Forum
(b) Messaging
(c) Video lectures
(d) Learner-to-Learner Interaction
Ease of Use *
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
it is easy to use.
It is simple to use.
It is user friendly.
It enables me to accomplish my tasks quickly.
It is flexible.
Using it is effortless.
I can use it without written instructions.
It is compatible with common browsing sites.
I could use it anytime I want.
I could access it wherever I am.
I can use it successfully every time.
Ease of Learning *
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
I learned to use it quickly.
I easily remember how to use it.
I quickly became skillful with it.
I can quickly download/upload materials in it.
I can easily use email, instant message, chat and thread discussion with it.
I can easily exchange files with my student/teacher.
Its tools for asynchronous and synchronous collaboration and communication are easy to use.
Satisfaction *
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
I am satisfied with it.
I would recommend it to a friend.
It is pleasant to use.
It works the way I want it to work.
It makes the learning experience a lot easier.
It enhances my effectiveness in doing the tasks assigned to me.
Lund, A. Measuring Usability with the USE Questionnaire., 2001.
Murcia, J. V. A survey on the use of learning management systems (LMS) among college students. Institute of Popular Opinion, 2020.

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