Election Worker Info Sheet
This information sheet is for Callaway County, Missouri, election workers. It serves the purpose for us to update and/or verify your information. We will also use the current information to move toward an email-based notification system. 1/11/21 RM/kr
Email address *
Your Name: *
Home Address: *
Election Day Phone Number: *
Please enter a phone number that we can reach you at on Election Day.
In what year (approximately) did you work your first election?
Political Party Assignment: *
We are required by Missouri statute for our poll workers to have equal representation of the two major political parties at the polls (115.081, 115.087, RSMo). You will be selected to represent one of the two main parties if you choose no preference. *You are not required to vote based on the party you represent.
Polling Place Assignment Options: *
Listed below are the Callaway County polling places for 2021. Please TYPE your top three choices in order of preferred polling place assignment. If you are willing to work at any location please note that (mileage stipend).
Callaway County Polling Places: Enter your choices below.
Callaway County Polling Places: Enter your choices below.
Election Availability: *
If selected to serve, you will receive a letter of confirmation (for this election) by mail.
If there's anything else you'd like to share, please do.
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