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Code of Conduct, including information needed for player insurance. You will get an emailed copy of this form after submission.
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PLAYER: I will as a Pittsburgh Power Player: (1) Represent myself, my family, my team, and the Pittsburgh Power with dignity and integrity at all times. (2) Play with pride and intensity no matter the circumstances of the game. (3) Support my teammates and maintain a positive attitude even if I am not in the starting line up. (4) Be courteous and respectful to opponents, game officials, and tournament officials. (5) Be respectful to my teammates, coaches, and parents. (6) Refrain from any outbursts of anger or poor sportsmanship. (7) Be properly or appropriately dressed for participation on the field and for practice. (8) Be responsible for my own equipment and all Pittsburgh Power equipment. (9) Respect and do no harm to any facilities that I use including fields, hotels, and otherwise. (10) Refrain from any involvement with drugs, tobacco, or alcohol. (11) Never direct negative cheers or comments towards the opposing team. (12) Not use vulgar or offensive language or gestures regardless of the circumstances. (13) Utilize social media in an appropriate manner. (14) Be committed to my Pittsburgh Power team, abide by all team rules, and when invited to play elsewhere, play for Power teams if asked before playing for any other fastpitch travel organization. *
PARENTS: I and My Guest(s) Will: (1) Conduct myself responsibly at all practices, tournaments and events. (2) Remember that the game is about the players and not the parents. (3) Be a positive role model at all times and promote good sportsmanship. (4) Show respect and courtesy to players, coaches and other spectators throughout every event. (5) Teach my child to play by the rules and resolve conflict without resorting to hostility or violence. (6) Demand that my child treats all players, coaches, officials, and spectators with respect at all times. (7) Discourage any behavior or actions that would endanger the health and well‐being of any player. (8) Not condone the use of illegal drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products by any player at any time. (9) Place the emotional and physical well‐being of the players ahead of my personal desire to win. (10) Never publicly ridicule or chastise my child, other players, any coaches, or game officials. (11) Refrain from coaching my child, or other players during practices or games unless I am asked to do so by the manager. (12) Accept and teach my child to accept that not everyone can start a game or play in every game. (13) Utilize social media in an appropriate manner. (14) Discourage playing for any other fast‐pitch travel organization while committed to your Power team. *
Playing for another Power Team -- Opportunities may exist, and are encouraged, to play additional tournaments for other Power teams based on need. You may play on other Power teams, including attending practice as long as: (a) your team manager is aware and has agreed you may play for the other Power team; and (b) you will not discuss any opportunities to play the following season with this team.
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Recruiting within Power -- If I plan to leave my current team before tournament season's last game, with an intention of joining another Power team, the following policy must be followed: (1) If my current manager is NOT aware my intention to leave, (a) I cannot approach another Power team managers/coaches about next season opportunities and; (b) I cannot attend any practice of another Power team with the intention of being evaluated for next season; (2) If I have notified my current manager of my intention to leave the team at season end, (a) I may contact another Power team managers/coaches about opportunities; and (b) if possible opportunity exists, no further communications/actions can occur until the Power President officially releases the player for communication, which insures all parties are in agreement; (3) Any attempts to switch teams at season end without following this policy may result in the player having to leave the Power organization at the end of the current season. *
If we (player or parents) fail to abide by the aforementioned rules and guidelines, I may be subject to one or more of the following disciplinary actions at the discretion of the Pittsburgh Power Executive Board: (1) A written warning from the Pittsburgh Power Executive Board. (2) One or more game suspension during which I may not participate either as a manager, coach or spectator. (3) A full tournament suspension during which I am not participate either as a manager, coach or spectator. (4) A suspension for the remained of the season during which I any not participate either as a manager, coach or spectator. (5) A permanent suspension from any involvement with the Pittsburgh Power. *
PLAYER SIGNATURE: I, as a Pittsburgh Power player, have read and understand the Code of Conduct for Players and will abide by the code. Player to type name below as official electronic signature. *
PARENT SIGNATURE: I, the Parent/Guardian of the aforementioned Pittsburgh Power player, have read and understand the Code of Conduct for Parents/Guardians and will abide by the code. Parent/Guardian filling out this form are to type name below as official electronic signature, then click Submit. *
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