Training course 'Learning on the move' in Lithuania
Great that you are interested in the training course 'Learning on the move'.

Please fill in the form to indicate your youth work experiences, motivations and interests to participate in this training course. This will help our partners to make decision regarding your participation in the course.

Please take a note of the following conditions that apply, should you wish to participate in this training course:
1. You commit to participate during the full duration of the training course (5-13 May 2018), including it's preparation and dissemination activities;
2. To obtain health and travel insurance at your own expense (information provided as special needs does not remove your own personal responsibility for ensuring your own health);
3. To authorise organisers, National Agency and the European Commission to publish, in whatever form and by whatever medium, including the Internet, your correspondence address, information about your organisation and work and pictures taken at the course.
4. Participants will be invited to make a voluntary contributions ranging between 20 to 50 EUR to contribute to the training programme costs. If explained reasons, participants may be exempted from making financial contribution.

To continue, please confirm that you have read and agree with the participation conditions of the training course 'Learning on the move'. *
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