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Are you a fan of Comedy Central Roasts? Do you fancy yourself a shade thrower? Do you like to Cosplay, and salivate at the chance of roasting other characters across multiple fandoms? Then look no further, and welcome to Geek Slam!

Geek Slam, an event original live improve event where Cosplayers compete in a battle of wits, taking the stage and taking turns throwing their best insults at each other until a winner is picked by the audience. The last Cosplayer standing in the 16-man bracket will be crowned Geek Slam Champion!

In this battle of wits, there are only 3 rules to abide by:
1. No Racist Jokes/Racial Slurs
2. No Rape Jokes
3. All jokes must be made in character, directed at the character

Everything else your salty, sassy self can come up with? Fair game. Don’t feel like competing but still want to roast? There are also exhibition spots where you and a friend (or willing stranger) can show off with no stress!

Spots are limited, so sign up soon! We’ll see you on stage! (Rated: 18+ for language, suggestive themes)

Compete for the InterCONtinental Belt!
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That's all, folks!
Well, almost. We'd really appreciate you referring a friend to attend Hypericon to cheer you on!
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