Central Florida Men's Senior Baseball League
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I will observe all rules established by the MSBL Board of Directors at all times., I understand that fighting, physical abuse of players, umpires, or spectators, and the use of abusive or offensive language will not be tolerated by the MSBL and violation of this rule could result in my banishment or suspension from the league and forfeiture of all fees paid., I certify that I am, or will turn 28 years of age this calendar year and/or 38 years of age if applicable., I realize that the total responsibility for any injury, accident, incident, illness, or death to me or my person while participating in ANY MSBL activity, game, practice or function, including but not limited to any MSBL mandated or scheduled functions are solely mine.  I fully realize that any cost incurred for any reason are mine., I realize that there is no guaranteed playing time on any given team, associated with regular season and tournament play., In consideration of being permitted to participate in the activities of the MSBL, in any manner, including but not limited to playing, practicing, coaching, spectating or being on the field or in spectator areas for any purpose whatsoever, and fully understanding that participation in the game of baseball includes the risk of serious personal injury, the undersigned Player fully and absolutely assumes full responsibility for the risk of injury due to participation, weather conditions, playing conditions (including the type  of bases, plates and fences and equipment) other participants, of any magnitude including fatality, and does hereby forever absolutely release, even for their own negligence, and agrees to hold harmless the Men’s Senior Baseball League.  All government bodies and landowners that may sanction or permit the participation in the game of baseball and all employees, other participants, agents, servants, officers, public officials, volunteers, game officials and sponsors from all claims for damage whatsoever of any kind now or in the future., The Player shall participate in the MSBL’s programs and/or use any of the league’s facilities, services or equipment at his own risk.  The Player waives any and all claims, of whatsoever kind or nature, that may arise against MBSL as a result of the Player’s participation in the local League’s recreational baseball program.  The Player  also realizes that there is no guaranteed playing time on any given team, associated with regular season and tournament play.  The Player also acknowledges recognition of the MSBL rules and any deviation of the “helmet” requirements (the rule being that all batters and runners must wear helmets at all times) is forbidden.  The Player also acknowledges recognition of the fact that neither medical insurance or liability insurance are inherent with local league membership.
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