"The Danelaw" Site Access Request
"The Danelaw", Rose Valley Estate, Charleys Forest Road Wog Wog NSW - Danelaw Medieval Fighting Society

It is a condition of entry that requires individuals wishing to enter our private property to fill out this site access form prior to the occasion.

This is so that we are more aware of the comings and goings on our property and the reasons for access. We also hope to build closer relationships with the re-enactors who share the site with us.

We hope this does not seem impersonal for the people with whom we have had a long term positive relationship, and is not too confronting for people with whom we do not yet have an established relationship but we hope all guests on site will understand that, due to circumstances, it has become necessary.

We don't seek to influence the way in which visitors to our property enjoy their hobby but we do expect standards of behaviour, civility and politeness from everyone both on and off site. Please treat access to the property just as though we were giving you the keys to our holiday home. Please value and respect the privilege.

We look forward to welcoming you to our site.

Individuals will be sent a confirmation response via email.

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Permission to access our property is made on the expectation that you are honest and fair in dealing with us. Please show the same confidence and trust in us that we show you to welcome and support you to enjoy your hobby in our backyard.
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