Experiences of Policing in the DTES
Low-income people, drug users, unhoused people, and ... well, everyone in the neighbourhood, really - has experienced "policing" that people outside the DTES find shocking, NOT legal, and a horrendous waste of a public service. They are also angry that this sort of thing is done "On Their Behalf" - but our stories need to break out of the hood. This is a way to do that.
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A lot of the shit that happens every damn day down here is totally unacceptable everywhere else. i mean the ways we are treated by the POLICE and other authorities. People need to hear about the way they talked to you when they took your stuff, made you move, smashed your pipe, beat you up, tried to set you up as a r**, took your product, or however they bullied, tried to intimidate, or threaten you. None of this is ok. Maybe it is ~just how it is down here~ but it def doesn't have to be.
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the idea is to publicize some of these incidents, but talk about what really happens. an online form won't reach the most criminalized - it's true. feel free to go out and talk to people and send in their story too, it's important. what's the goal here? depends what people say. first thing is to continue to make policing in the DTES an election issue. then see what happens. no identifying information is collected. you are 100% anonymous. follow the site for updates... and please enter any other questions
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