Shakespeare in Ten 2019 - KING LEAR
Thanks for choosing to be a part of this summer's Shakespeare in Ten project! To officially sign up just fill out this quick form. Welcome to the madness!
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IF YOU ANSWERED TECH/DESIGNER: please elaborate! Lights, sound, props, costumes, makeup, running crew, etc?
IF YOU ANSWERED ACTOR: what size role would you prefer to have? This is not a guarantee of what you'll get - it's just good to know where everyone stands.
IF YOU ANSWERED ACTOR: this show is going to have gender-blind casting, meaning that the gender of characters in the original script won't determine casting choices and won't necessarily remain the same. What gender characters are you comfortable portraying?
IF YOU ANSWERED ACTOR: even amid all the death and insanity, there are still some romantic entanglements. What gender actors are you comfortable having (fairly tame) onstage romantic interactions with, if any?
IF YOU ANSWERED ACTOR: there will be a bit of onstage simulated violence in this show - how do you feel about participating in such things?
Give a quick rundown of your past theatrical experience. *
If you were going to sit down and write an autobiography of your life up til this moment, what would you call it? Yes, this is a silly question. Yes, you still have to answer it. ;) *
This project is a ton of fun, but it's also a serious commitment. There's some flexibility to work with if you'll have to arrive late, leave early, or even miss a day of rehearsal, but that flexibility is limited, and the sooner you can let us know about it, the better. In order to provide a good experience for everyone involved (including you!), PLEASE make sure you are ready to commit to the project before you sign up! Get in touch any time by sending an email to
By completing this sign-up form, you're making a commitment to participate as fully as you're able to in this year's SIT - do you agree to honor this commitment to the best of your ability and get in touch right away if you have any questions or concerns? *
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