NYC Crit Club Summer 2019 -Application For Art Career Intensive (or several classes)
Dear first-time applicants and past NYC Crit Club members,

We're so happy you are interested in joining NYC Crit Club's classes. Please fill out ALL the questions below, even if you have applied previously.

For new members: this is a juried application and applicants are accepted based on the merit of the work on their website. For past members: this form helps us to register you in the class with your most recent information.

IMPORTANT: First-time applicants or alumni must complete this form and pay the $25 application fee via Venmo to @HilaryLDoyle or pay pal via to complete the application.

Thank you for filling out the information below. We look forward to reviewing your info!

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Your name (first and last), nickname, pronunciation, and pronouns *
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What class or classes would you like to apply to join this summer? You may choose one or more than one if you plan to join for extra classes! *
Are you a returning member or a new applicant?
What are your preferred weekday(s) for classes? Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday? List days in order of preference and all that you can do. Likely to run on Monday and Wednesday. *
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Please check all days of the week you will you be free for field trips or an additional class day-- weekends daytime or weekday evenings?
How many weeks do you anticipate missing for vacation or other reasons? Please also list dates you will be unable to attend classes. Make up classes available.
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Do you have a studio or home space that a 12-person group can visit one or two of our visits? If not, you can present your work at other studios and spaces! *
If yes to above does your studio/apt you have air conditioning, or a not too hot space for the group on hot summer days?
If you answered yes to both above questions, enter your studio address (floor and buzzer too) and info for us to share for a host day where we visit your studio/apartment. Artists also present work in other artists studios.
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Cell number: *
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Website link (You will be juried on the work on your website. If you do not have a website email us 10 images 1MB each (or 5 min of video on vimeo) to
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Whats your educational background in art? List BFA and/or MFA and the specific school(s) you attended and year if applicable.
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Venmo username ( OR paypal email accepted if you cannot use venmo) *
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Instagram username (if applicable)
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How to do self identify your ethnicity?
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Are there any members you know you might want to be in the same class as next semester if they join too? (we can't promise but we can try!)
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Have you paid the $35 processing fee for this SUMMER 2019 application yet? To complete application either send to Venmo username @Hilaryldoyle OR Paypal username NEW applicants AND past members must submit $35 application processing fee every new season one time-- (So if you applied before and were accepted please pay again so se can process and register you for a class!). If applying to multiple classes this summer this payment covers all classes for the season. Thank you! *
How did you hear about NYC Crit Club? If on Instagram who's IG page(s) did you see it on?
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For past members: How many semesters have you attended so far? Thank you for your dedication!
Any additional notes, reflections, or feedback you would like us to consider for the summer semester?
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To complete application please submit the above form and 25$ application processing fee if you did not already for the new semester. New applicants we look forward to reviewing your application! Past members we are thrilled to have you on board this summer!
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