2018-2018 OYR Raiders Coaching Application
Thank you for your interest in coaching next season. Our club relies on the dedication of volunteers like you to keep our teams competitive.
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If the Head Coach position is filled, would you be willing to be an Assistant Coach?
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Coaching Experience
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USA Hockey Coaching Modules Completed? (Must be completed PRIOR to season start)
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Briefly describe your coaching style and philosophy:
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Suspension History: If you’ve had prior suspensions from the DVHL, a hockey organization of any type, or another youth development organization, please tell us when they occurred and for what violations. Prior suspensions will not automatically remove anyone from coaching eligibility, but we do want to understand the applicants’ background in this regard:
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Finally, if you are proposing to coach with a particular team of fellow coaches, please tell us who those coaches are. Ideally, we would like to see teams of coaches who have or can work together effectively:
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Fellow coaches names:
All coaching applicants must fill out an Atlantic Amateur Hockey Association background request form prior to assuming a position as a coach, assistant coach, or manager! All Coaching candidates must go through a minimum of one personal interview with the OYR coaching selection committee, which is made up of members of the club board of directors, the rink hockey director, and others from within the organization. Please feel free to add below anything else that might help us assess your application. And thanks for your commitment to youth hockey and to the Old York Road Raiders hockey club.
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