Application for Stand-Up Comedy Training with Science Riot (AOM 2022 PDW)
This form collects information from colleagues interested in joining a training program to develop confidence and capabilities in public outreach. Data will only be used for this purpose, and will be deleted at the completion of the program or October 2022 otherwise.
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Science Riot Training
"Science Riot transforms researchers into science communicators through our comprehensive training program. We provide professionals in all disciplines with expert media training so that they can deliver tight, funny insights into hot topics across the spectrum of public interest and discourse.

Our workshops are an immersive experience with professional comedians designed to break academic bad habits in order to enhance likability, promote trust, improve persuasion, and make presented content more memorable and engaging. We teach professionals how to frame informal public conversations with an approach that is relatable, conversational, and funny. Our experienced staff has over 50 years of combined experience and provides extensive personal coaching and individual feedback, to make sure that each participant is well-prepared and feels confident to tackle their first public outreach event."
Training Plan
COHORT A: Remote training. 10 scholars meet as a cohort once per week for 3 weeks (approx. 1-22 JUL 2022), plus one 1-2-1 coaching session with a comedy professional. Develop a public talk that combines scholarly/technical communication and humor. Science Riot provides extensive individual coaching from professional comedians and scientists in the development of participants’ written and spoken material. As a capstone practicum, the scientists will present their comedic, TED-style talks in a public showcase (a comedy night, during AOM 2022, likely Friday 5 AUG), produced and hosted by Science Riot.

COHORT B: Following the comedy show by Cohort A, the second cohort of 10 follows the same training program but in a compressed format (10 hours across 2 days, FRI & SAT during AOM week). Second comedy show graduation during AOM week, (likely Sunday 7 AUG), produced and hosted by Science Riot.
The full cost to train each participant is almost US$500; this has been subsidized by generous sponsorship from the University of St. Gallen (grant to Professor Jamie L. Gloor).

Therefore, the participant fee is US$300. Two fully-funded places are available to scholars otherwise without resources.
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Video Production
Science Riot offers to capture professionally each graduation show, at a cost of US$1000 per cohort (US$110 per participant). We understand that is arranged for a whole cohort (in other words, an individual academic could not have a professional video alone); we are double-checking this.
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