Commission process!
Here is everything you need to know for commissioning me, and what my process looks like! This is for anyone to know, but may also help out people who are commissioning a fursuit for the first time! Please email any questions you may have!

Quote Form/Acceptance:

First you will fill out one of our many quote forms for what you would like to commission. We will get back to you within 48 hours IF you commission is chosen!

If accepted you will receive an email including your down payment, total quote, and when payment is due. Reminder quotes are only valid for 48 hours! Don't forget that you must send a photo of a photo ID when officially accepting your quote face and photo ID MUST be in the same photo, please blur out everything except your DOB, name, and photo! For Square payments you do NOT need an account, their accounts are for businesses, they also have both buyer and seller protection that can be found in their FAQ's.

Next step:

After acceptance we will discuss everything you want about your character! Specifics, fur colors, etc. Then order everything we will need for your project. Artistic liberty suits, I work with a friend of mine who makes a ref sheet for you of the character made that becomes yours, unless you pick for everything to be a surprise or blind box. After that is paying off your project! You can still ask questions during this time if you have any, I am always happy to answer. After 100% paid off you will be put into our paid off part of our queue and get a number in front of you, our queue is updated at least twice a week.

Working on your project:
I work almost everyday and give WIP's often. So please make sure you are checking your email regularly during this time to give me feedback on anything that needs to be changed, or just to see how it is all coming along. I work on 1-3 fursuit projects at a time.

After 100% paid off, you will be sent a video made by me showing how to take any measurements needed, as well as what markings I will need on your DTD. At this time there will be a spot to let me know if you need room for glasses or not. PLEASE do NOT send DTD's any sooner than one month before your commission is started, this prevents it possibly shrinking in the cold or falling apart in the heat.

Estimated completion times:

Head only: 1-2 weeks
Mini-normal partial: 1-3 weeks
full parital: 2-4 weeks
Half suit - full suits: 3-6 weeks

Reminder this is just a rough estimate, not a set time!

After project is finished:

You will be given a shipping invoice, which is where you will be able to give your address, then will be shipped out ASAP after being paid and will be given tracking info! I give a GENERAL shipping quote, and if I pay less than the invoice, you receive a partial refund! I go through a shipping company UPS. Shipping prices include: shipping price, insurance ($2/$100), signature confirmation, box and other supplies, gas to drop off package. Estimated amount to save for shipping (US prices):
Head only: $45
Mini partial: $65
Normal partial: $100
half suit/full suits: $130 and up

A little about me: I was born with fibyomyalgia and so I now work from home making fursuits so I can work on my own schedule. I don't always have good days that I can work, however I ALWAYS update if I am really sick and need a few days off. Also I am dyslexic, so If you receive an email from me and something doesn't sound quite right, please don't be afraid to ask me to re-explain what I mean. I am also color blind to blues and yellows, I always have you approve colors before I buy, but with blues I may need direction on what you are looking for.

And I look forward to working with you!


Art by Humming_Colors
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