LMC Introduction 8
Welcome to the 2018-19 School Year! Let's make sure that you know where to find what you need for success
What should appropriate use of seats look like? Take a picture that illustrates this. *
Where do you find supplies? Take a picture! *
You're missing... *
What books would you like to see in the WJMS library that we don't currently have? You could suggest genres, titles, authors...
Innovate and Behave: List the rules that help make the Innovation Lab Run Smoothly. *
Non-Fiction Noticings: Take a picture of a non-fiction book that's NOT in the reference section. *
What's the last (and most important step) in self check out? *
Who is the librarian?
Bookworm! Take a group photo of your team, with each person reading a different book from the fiction section. Be sure to have authors from each aisle of the fiction section. *
Biblioquarium: What are three animals found in the library? *
Book Return: I finished my book, now what? Where do you return your books? Take a picture!
Off-Limits: What are some of the non-student areas in the LMC? *
When can you come to the library? *
Include what to do if you're coming from your class.
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