BARTALK #19 enter the Q&A session!
During the time of quarantine, we will bring you BARTALK in the form of a podcast. What makes BARTALK so amazing is the good energy we receive from you, our audience. We have prepared this form so you can still be an integral part of the podcast edition by sending in your questions to the guests.

In BARTALK#19: Language As An Organism we ask: How language moves? What practices do individuals adopt to attempt to remember their dying languages? How can we become better at understanding the ones we love? How misunderstanding births new forms of language?


Minsook Kang (artist, researcher)
How a small Indonesian island adopted Hangul, the Korean alphabet, as the written form of their dialect.

Natalia Papaeva (artist)
#Language loss
Performance of Yokhor, repeating the only two sentences of this traditional Buryat song that the artist remembers.

Marie Diane Grouchka + Mariya Shcherbinina (psychologists, podcasters)
Conversation on Love Languages

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