Rhone Brackett Mentoring Intake Sheet
We ask that all Rhone Brackett members complete this form, even if you do not have time to participate in the Mentoring Program at this time.
Your Last Name: *
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Your First Name: *
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Status in the Inn: *
What year were you admitted to the bar? *
If you are a student or are not admitted to the bar, please tell us your graduation year from law school.
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If you are an Associate Barrister, do you wish to be assigned to a Mentor? *
We assign all insterested Students and ABs with three years of experience or less to mentors, if mentors are available.
If you are an Associate Barrister, are you willing to mentor a student on law school life and bar exam survival? *
Many of our students benefit from access to a recent graduate who can help them with law school and bar exam specific issues.
Area of Practice (Part 1) *
Please describe your area of practice (or area of interest if you are a student) in your own words.
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Area of Practice (Part 2) *
Mentors: Please check all categories that you have experience in. Mentees: Please check all categories that you would like more experience in.
General Law Practice Experiences *
Please indicate all topics that interest you or that you have experience in:
Were you matched with a Rhone-Bracket Mentor/Mentee in previous years? *
If you answered "Yes" to the previous question, please give us their name(s): *
(If you answered "No", please put N/A)
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Anything else we should know?
We use this questionnaire for referrals, one-time mentor match-ups, and full-program matchups. If you want more than one mentee, do not have time to participate in the full program this year or have other concerns that you would like us to contact you about, or any additional information, here is the place for you to enter that information.
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Are you interested in the CAMP program? *
Last: Are you interested in getting involved in helping us run the mentoring program? If so, please select yes. We'll be in touch to get more information from you.
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