2019 Rural Racial Justice Organizing Study Group Application
Thanks for your interest in the Rural Racial Justice Organizing Study Group hosted by Lost River Racial Justice and Green Mountain Crossroad! This form helps the organizers get a better sense of who wants to attend, what needs may arise, and how we can create a deep and meaningful learning experience for all those attending.

This application is due Sunday, January 6th at 11:59PM.

We will be reviewing these applications to confirm that interested participants meet the basic requirements for the study group. We will be in touch with all applicants by January 16th, within two weeks before the start of date of Sunday, January 27th.

An Apology - We are aware that one of the study group sessions is scheduled on Chinese New Year, February 5th. If you want to participate in the study group but would not be able to make the session on that date because you are honoring Chinese New Year, please let us know.

Additionally, if the online application form or other digital technology barriers are preventing you or anyone you know from joining the study group, please call us at (802) 451-0508 or email at rrjostudygroup@gmail.com to learn more about the study group and/or go through the application process by phone.
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Attendance at the opening and closing sessions are required and will take place at Hilltop Montessori School in Brattleboro. Can you attend both sessions? Check the box if you're available.
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There will be 4 evening sessions throughout the study. We ask that participants not miss more than 1 session. All sessions will take place at Hilltop Montessori School in Brattleboro.  Which of these sessions CAN you attend?  
How do you identify in terms of race or ethnicity? *
What are some of your other social group identities (class, gender, ability, age, etc.) or other important things about yourself you want us to know?
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