SH'BANG! Artist and Food Vendor Application
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We welcome proposals from all innovative, sustainably minded, locally focused art and food vendors

Below you'll find vendor specific information followed by an application!

Wood-Fired Local Organic Pizza by Soul Flower Bakery
Woodblock artist Linnea creates a display!
Vendor Info
Sh'bang! seeks high-quality craft vendors of all kinds, with a special focus on sustainably and ethically made products.

The Sh'bang! vending experience takes place outside in all types of weather conditions. Most vendors are concentrated in the central grounds near the Cedar Stage though some choose to set up roving stations or unique gallery set-ups in the woods. Load-in for food vendors and other more complicated vending set-ups typically occur the day before the event.

Accepted vendors are required to purchase their own and their helpers tickets into the event as well as all vehicles that will require parking in our festival lot. You can purchase tickets at All profits made through vending will subsequently be yours to keep!

Alternatively, volunteering to cover ticket costs may be an option. If you are interested in volunteering please fill out the volunteer application and let us know you are also hoping to vend!

The Festival will provide composting, recycling, burnable, and garbage stations throughout the festival. These stations are serviced regularly on bike by the festival green team. Please keep large amounts of waste out of these stations.

As Sh'bang is still a small event (1000 attendees) we limit the number of food vendors able to attend to ensure that all food vendors cover their costs, make a bit extra and have a good time! Thus we seek food vendors that are able to prepare a diversity of food items. Bonus points for Gluten free!

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If you are a food vendor, do you have your Skagit WA food vendor licence?
Food booth vendors must obtain necessary food / food handling permits through the Skagit County Health Department (, Court House Administration Bldg., Rm. 301, 700 S. Second Street, Mt. Vernon, WA 98273 or call (360) 336-9380.
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If you are a food vendor or business, do you have your WA state U.B.I. (tax i.d.) number?
All food vendors must have a Washington State U.B.I. (tax identification) number. You can obtain a temporary number for your operations at the festival by contacting the Department of Revenue at 800-647-7706, web site:
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If you utilize fire in anyway, how does your vending station address fire safety?
Food vendor booths and equipment are to meet uniform fire code regulations for tent, canopy and temporary membrane structures. The code reads: “The sidewalls, drops and tops of all shall be made of fire retardant material or shall be made fire retardant in an approved manner.” All booths must be equipped with a fire extinguisher.
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Do you require Electricity? *
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Do you require Grey Water disposal?
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Tell us how your wares are innovative, sustainably minded & locally focused *
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Tell us about your packaging *
We strive to be a zero waste festival. We prioritize businesses that use no packaging or compostable packaging, recycled/burnable packaging is ok, styrofoam is no good!
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Do you have any additional information you'd like to tell us? Do you have any unanswered questions or requests?
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Jodee Adams-Moore of Bat Cave-Pottery
Portrait Photographer Rachel Gillespie
Lookout Art Quarry's Artist-in-residence Rachael Gillespie, developed a series of photo transfers to found wooden scraps and hosted an art gallery during Sh'bang. Portrait of Heather Dawn Sparks. Photo of a photo by oneirical.
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