Member Meeting Speaker Requests
We'll be continuing bi-monthly Member Meetings in 2018 and are adding featured speakers to our agenda. This will be an opportunity for Member Meeting attendees to hear more about the broad array of community partnerships and coalitions in the St. Louis region from the perspective of those who are leading them as well as those who are impacted by them. Featured speakers may be current Thread members or can come from outside of Thread membership. Thread's Guiding Principles-- Authentic Community Voice, Equity & Justice, Strengths & Assets, and Continuous Improvement-- will guide featured speakers in what they share at Member Meetings.

We need your input and ideas about WHO you'd like to hear from at Member Meetings. Think about who and what you admire and would like to learn from. Share your ideas in the spaces below.

Are there any specific people you'd like to hear from at Member Meetings this year?
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Are there any specific community partnerships or coalitions you'd like to hear from at Member Meetings this year?
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