HackMIT 2017 Project Submission
Please submit this Google form by 10:30AM EST. You have until 11:30AM EST to edit this form, as well as your devpost submission. If you have any questions, please ask us at the help desk!
Project Name *
Project Description *
Location *
E.g. "Table A3". Table numbers are attached to the side of your tables. This is REALLY IMPORTANT; if you get this wrong, judges will not be able to find you. So you need to be in Johnson and have a table to submit. Ask a staff member at helpdesk if you have any questions.
Category (for category prizes) *
We have three category prizes -- select a category if it is relevant to you (and please don't choose a category if it doesn't apply -- we'll be checking).
Fun (for fun prizes) *
We have two fun prizes -- select a prize if it is relevant to you (and please don't choose to apply to a prize if it doesn't apply -- we'll be checking).
Contact Info *
Include the name and phone number of at least one team member in case we need to find you (e.g. if you make top 10 and we can't find you, we'll call you).
DevPost Submission URL *
Submitting your project to DevPost is required for this event. We'll be using info from here for sponsor prizes / special prizes: Go here: http://hackmit2017.devpost.com/ and once you've submitted, give us your submission url (e.g. devpost.com/software/foo-bar)
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