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If you'd like to join us for the full season, or just try out a single session, we'd love to welcome you!
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Would you like to try out the group before you commit? If so, we meet Sundays at Community Well from 3:30 - 5PM. The best time to try out the group is early in our season, which starts on January 27th. When may we expect you?
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To make this group as accessible as possible, Mothersong is offered on a sliding scale. The amount will be prorated based on when you join us. So if you join after the start of the season, the amounts will be lower than what you see below, reflecting a discount calculated based on how many meetings you missed.

People pay all at once, or in four monthly installments via invoices that you will receive via email. Payment may be made via paypal, venmo, cash or check. Payment amounts work out to around $15, $20, or $25 per session, depending on which tier you select, plus a a little more to help cover the rental of our final venue.

To returning members - just clarifying that the cost per meeting HAS NOT increased since last season... These slightly higher numbers simply reflect the fact that spring season is a little longer than fall. (21 meetings, instead of 19.) :)

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Thank you so much for your response. I look forward to singing with you this season at Mothersong!

Noe Venable

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