Music Team Audition
Please complete this form to submit a video audition for the One Hope Music Team.

For each part for which you're auditioning, please record a short 2-3 minute video of you playing / singing a worship song of your choice. We recommend keeping it really simple (record it on a smartphone) and making sure (A) we can hear your part over any background music and (B) we can see your face. Be sure to listen back and review the video before sending it to us.

You may submit a single video link if you're playing and singing together. Otherwise, please submit separate video links for each instrument.

Chose a song that highlights your skill and strengths. Singers: make sure you sing in a comfortable key that highlights your range. Instrumentalists: pick a song that contains a recognizable part or features your instrument. If you have trouble deciding, here is a general list of the top songs being sung in worship right now:

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