Local B18 Work Referral Form
Looking for extra work or shifts?

Please fill out the form below.  When work becomes available, Local B18 will use the information you provide for referring you to prospective employers within B18’s jurisdiction.   

Work may be full-time, part-time, or temporary.

B18 may provide your name and contact information to the prospective employer. Please be courteous if you are contacted.

This form allows you to edit your response later: (bookmark the link you will get once you submit the availability portion). Or you can just submit a new form: B18 will use the latest information you provide.

In Solidarity!

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If you don't have an email address, please consider finding an "email buddy" who can pass on to you any messages the processing and use of this form may require. If that is not possible, we will send you copy through the US mail when you ask for one. Once the filled out form is back in the B18 office, we will add your preferences to the others collected here. Please include a telephone number where we can easily reach you, in case we have questions about your responses.
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