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To insert a 2x3 table into a document, you should:
The ____ tab lets you add SmartArt.
When Heading Styles have been applied to a document, the user has the option to navigate through the document using which tab on the Navigation Pane?
Combining two or more cells into one uses a Word feature called:
Ricardo is working on a Word document, and wants to apply formatting. Ricardo knows a(n) ____ is space inserted between the margin and where the line of text begins.
Which of the following best explains the difference between highlighting and shading?
What should you do to a document instead of relying solely on the spelling checker and AutoCorrect before you send or post it
Which word(s) refers to how text is positioned between the top and bottom margins of the page
Which of the following commands will select all text?
If you position the insertion point on the first line of the first paragraph in a two-page document and click the Center button,
Janice has been assigned to put together the annual report. She has received information from several different people and departments and has put it together into one document. Janice wants to format two pages of the annual report with different margins. What should she do?
Pressing ctrl + enter produces what?
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