Hosted Media Application for 4th Annual Travel Unity Summit

Thank you for your interest in applying to attend the 4th Annual Travel Unity Summit as a hosted member of the media.

Evening of Friday, October 26th: Welcoming reception in Lake Placid

Saturday, October 27th: Conference Center at Lake Placid

Sunday, October 28th: The Wild Center

Please understand that we have a *very* limited number of spots available - if we are not able to host you, we sincerely hope you are able to make it to the event. For those who are not hosted, but still interested in attending, please contact us and we will do what we can to make the trip smoother and more productive for you - if you get yourself to Albany, we will get you to/from the Adirondacks before and after the conference.

As an organization focused on diversity and inclusion (D&I), our priorities are to bring in media that have a diverse audience and to bring in individuals who are also willing to share their knowledge on issues pertaining to D&I with our local partners.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail Travel Unity's Executive Director, Roni Weiss, at


Travel Unity

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Are you willing to share your knowledge of how to attract diverse/inclusive markets with our local partners? If so, please tell us more about your experience consulting/advising in this capacity.
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Travel Unity is committed to recruiting a diverse cohort of media participants. Feel free to let us know how your personal background would add further depth to our event.
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