Marauder Grid Staff Positions
We have several needs in terms of staff for the Marauder Grid. We expect staff members to be gracious and very active. You are welcome to multiple positions if you feel you have the time and inclination to do them.

Storytellers: A storyteller helps us create quests using NPCs and other means of in-world quest creation. Roleplay or writing experience is necessary. It would help if you had some experience in using Second Life or Opensim already, but it is not required.

Grid Guides: A grid guide helps new users learn how to use Opensim and navigate around the grid. SL or Opensim experience required. No roleplay experience necessary.

University Professors: We have a university south of London where we would like to teach basic virtual world skills, roleplay skills, Satyr farming, and any other subject you might think would appeal to users and hypergrid visitors. Skills must be appropriate to the subject. You may choose to roleplay or not to do so.

Hogwarts House Heads: House heads are a mix of IC and OOC. We need volunteers experienced in roleplay who are willing to encourage their houses to have events, house meetings, and roleplay with one another. We would encourage you to also roleplay as a professor, but that is not required as long as you are active.

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