SKALE Delegation Interest Form SKALE 委托表格
Hi there!

Thank you for your interest in supporting StakeWith.Us, a secure staking infrastructure provider based in Singapore for high quality PoS based protocols.

We willing be adding validation support for Skale Labs, the layer 2 solution built for Ethereum. We would love to have your support as delegators to bootstrap the network together.

Feel free to reach out to @maigoh or @mcry89 on Telegram if you have further questions. Alternatively, join our telegram group to ask questions: .



我们会为Skale Labs项目竞选为节点。我们很乐意得到您的支持,一起引导网络。

如果您还有其他问题,请随时在电报上与@maigoh或@ mcry89联系,或去我们的电报群询问:
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How many Skale tokens do you want to StakeWith.Us? 您愿意委托几个Skale币给StakeWith.Us? *
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Leave your email with us and we'll add you into our monthly "Staker Digest", where we will also provide updates on Skale. 请留下您的电子邮件,我们将把您添加到我们的每月报“ Staker Digest”中,已得到关于Skale的消息。 *
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