How to write a Review Papers course "Exclusive"
A practical course to teach how to write a review-papers for scientific researcher; to get it done from the beginning to the end and help with how it is published in international journals ...

Through this course:
1. Choosing a topic for each student.
2. Then writing a research paper step by step.
3. Then learning about the mechanisms of publication in international journals.

** There is a possibility to give courses to students enrolled in study anywhere in the world (online) in technicaland, professional and effective way, as if you are in the same room
It is given in two steps:

1) With other students, no more than 5 students (price is 220 JD).
2) In particular (private ), the student selects topics and papers that are more relevant to his research, to be included in the course material (add JD 50).

Please read the course contents and contact us if you have any questions.
1) Call / WhatsApp : 00962795037290
2) Email :
3) Skype : ATIT Academy
4) Website :

*Workshop Sessions :

This comprehensive course will be covered over 7 sessions as detailed below.

1st Session (2-hrs. long) : Overview and Introduction into Review Papers.

2nd Session (3-hrs. long) : How to Choose a Topic, Research it and Summarize Other Works.

3rd Session (3-hrs. long) : Detailed Structure of a Review Paper: Title & Abstract.

4th Session (3-hrs. long) : Detailed Structure of a Review Paper: Introduction & Body.

5th Session (3-hrs. long) : Detailed Structure of a Review Paper: Conclusion & Future Work.

6th Session (3-hrs. long) : IEEE Template for Review Papers.

7th Session (3-hrs. long) : How to Present a Review Paper.

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