Camping With Camp ? at Burning Man 2020 : The Multiverse
Please read this info before you fill out the form.

Camping with us is determined by. the following.
     -If you have camped with us before
     -Your level of participation with the camp & its events
     -When you contact us                                                      
Our Camp fee = $350
Volunteering and making camp your home
     We work really hard all year long and especially out on the playa -- building and getting ready for everyone to arrive.
     AND we really need your help during the week and especially for breakdown.
           ** Stay for breakdown and help with packing out = get paid $200 cash back from your camp fee that you paid
For Breakdown Help:
EACH PERSON WHO STAYS UNTIL THE END OF BREAKDOWN AND PACK OUT WILL GET PAID $200 CASH. The cash will be given to each person on the spot - but they must stay until we are done.
We also have a Dinner Option for an additional $85
     The dinner fee is optional: *IF* you want to have a meal cooked each night for you (Tuesday thru Saturday)
     Watch for the newsletters that we send out with more info.
So, there are two fees =
1.  ($350) Camp Fee  - this fee is one that everyone needs to pay to camp with us.
2. ($85) Dinner Fee - this is optional and it is only available to the first 100 people that purchase this option
Additional detail about this Application
We are hoping to gather these applications now and will start to notify everyone by email very soon.
The email will have the info on how to pay the fees, dinner menu, and a bunch of other bits of info for you.
Newsletter and Website for more detail:
We will send out several newsletters with all kinds of good info for everyone camping with us …about preparing, arriving, and our events during the week...and lots of other helpful detail. PLEASE read the newsletter and reply back if there is anything you would like more info on or if we are asking for your feedback.
We will also post updates and general info on our website. Since the website is public, we will not post all our internal camping detail on the website. So, please read the newsletters and contact us if you have any questions
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 Have you camped with us before? *
Years that you have camped with us?
If you haven't camped with us, how do you know camp?
If it is through a friend, please provide the name of the friend.
What day are you planning on arriving? *
Do you have a project you would like to set up or organize, providing something for the community, or have a need for extra space? *
Please provide a little bit of info on how much space is needed and what you are interested in using it for.
 Are you interested in the dinner option? *
Answering yes here isn't a commitment - we are just trying to get an idea on how many people are interested
 Your camping info - Tent, RV, or Vehicle? *
Please provide detail on the size of your tent space needed or the size of your RV or vehicle you are sleeping in
Would you like to help with Set Up? ...&  get an Early Entry Pass into Burning Man? *
Must be able to arrive early within the week before the regular public event week * Limited early entry passes will be provided to those selected
Are you  able to help with pack-out? *
For good placement we need to make sure we clean our space well. To do this we want people that will stay the very end and help with pack-out.  **AND if you stay and help with breakdown (until the very end) you will get $200 cash back from camp fee that you paid
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