In Depth Portrait Questionnaire
Thank you for choosing Philip Vladimir Photography for your portrait session. We believe that the experience you receive should be a memorable one, shown through the photos and in the memories that are created. The more we understand about you, the more we can do to present the best results to meet your expectations.

Please fill out this form before your appointment. Your answers will better help us to meet your needs and ensure that you have an experience you won’t soon forget. Fill out only what you are comfortable answering. For more information on the purpose of this questionnaire please contact me.
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Is there a specific look/feel that you wish to capture? (Traditional. Sophisticated/Classy. Flirty/Sexy. Happy/Excited. Sad/Upset. Etc.) *
Are there any props you wish to bring/use? *
What 'story' do you want to tell the camera? Or, what emotion(s) do you wish to invoke? *
If you were to visualize a picture of yourself, what three words first come to mind? *
What words would you like to come to mind? *
Name a strength and weakness about yourself. Physical or personality. *
Tell me something that you are passionate about. *
Tell me something that you are scared of. *
Do you have any specific features you would like emphasized? (Example: Freckles, mole, tattoo, etc.) *
Do you have any specific features you would like minimized? (Example: Freckles, mole, tattoo, etc.) *
Would you prefer a formal or relaxed environment/process? *
Further comments? Anything else I should know? *
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