Quiz about meeting in Latvia
"Brainstorm" (Prāta Vētra) is *
The native language in Latvia is *
Surrounded by four countries, Latvia touches which body of water to the west? *
What latvian words have you learned? *
Which sport is one of the most popular in Latvia? *
How many years will the Cesis State Gymnasium celebrate in this year? *
How many people are there in Latvia (approximately)? *
There is a river flowing through Cesis. What is the name of this river? *
President of Latvia is *
Cesis anchient (German) name *
Cesis was founded in *
Who lived in the Cesis medieval castle? *
Color proportions of the Latvian flag are *
The capital city of Latvia is *
Your name, surname, country *
The longest river in Latvia is *
How old is Latvia going to be in this year? *
Symbol of Sigulda is *
Which of the following facts about Latvia is NOT true? *
What is the name of the school principal? *
Latvia was in the Soviet Union for this amount of years *
Latvia is split into 4 parts (states) in which one is Cēsis? *
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