Apple Scouts Spring Break 2019 Enrollment
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Apple Scouts Permissions - 2019
Barefoot Waiver

I /we give permission for my child to be barefoot on the grass area at Apple Playschools. I waive all rights to seek any form of damages or compensation for any injuries acquired as a result.
Barefoot Waiver *
Field Trips
I/we give permission for my child to participate in field trips with the employees of Apple Playschools. I am aware that Apple Scouts will be using the city bus for transportation daily and extend consent for these trips.
Field Trips *
I/we give permission for Apple Playschools employees to photograph and take videos of your child to use it in the centers and promotional materials and events.
Photo/Video *
Medication Permission
I/we give permission for Apple Playschools employees to apply: Sunscreen, Insect Repellent, and Rash Cream. Also, I/we are responsible to label all the products my child possibly is going to use.
Medication Permission *
Outdoor Conditions
I/we understand that my child will be playing outdoors in all weather except in potentially dangerous conditions. In the event of severe weather the teachers will determine an alternate location for the day’s planned activities.
Outdoor Conditions *
I/we give permission for my child to participate in curricular activities and experiences related to domesticated animals. I certify that any known allergies have been disclosed.
Animals *
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By signing this contract, clients agree to abide by the written policies in the Apple Playschools Family Handbook and Policy Manual. Apple Playschools may amend the policies with a one-week written notice. Clients will be notified via email of any policy changes. New policies will be published to Please Sign Below:
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