Escorting Persephone
Welcome, mighty heroes!

Perhaps you've heard the tales of the finest Greek heroes while gathered around the hearth with family and friends? Stories of Heracles performing the twelve labors or Alalanta hunting the Calydonian boar? Well, you're about to set off on a quest of your own -- using your wits as your only weapon!

Demeter, goddess of the harvest, is seeking a champion to escort her daughter, Persephone, goddess of spring and queen of the underworld, from her palace with Hades in the underworld and up to the land of the living for the first day of spring. However, Hades, as god of the dead, jealously guards his realm from the prying eyes of living heroes. This will be no easy task.

If you dare to accept this quest and forge a legend of your own, then begin down the path now. Keep your eyes open and your mind sharp. May the fates have a happy ending in store for you.

** Directions: Welcome to our digital escape room! Each section will have either a piece of narrative or puzzle for you to solve in order to locate Persephone. Be sure to hit the "Next" button in order to advance through the escape room.

If you get the wrong answer to a puzzle, don't worry! You can always hit the "Next" button to take you back to the puzzle and try again.

For an extra challenge, set a timer as you start the virtual escape room and see how quickly you can complete it.

Good Luck!!**
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