Math Landscapes January 2020
Landscapes of Learning Mathematics
Professional Development for P-8 Teachers, Coaches & Supervisors

The Western Region of the New York State Master Teacher Program is excited to offer our sequence of mini-courses in the mathematical landscapes of learning series that focuses on the big ideas, strategies, and models related to the development of fractions across the elementary and middle school grades. The content will be situated within a landscape of learning framework that is based on the premise that student’s mathematical thinking develops in a multitude of ways that begins with contexts or concrete tasks followed by pictorial representations and culminating in abstract perspectives. Exploration of Common Core strands across the grade levels will provide opportunities for participants to share their grade level expertise and to enhance their understanding of the coherent development of topics along the K – 8 spectrum. Participants will receive a CTLE certificate for 12 hours of professional development for each mini-course. First-time participants will also receive a set of dry-erase boards for small group work and whole-class discussions.

LANDSCAPES IV: Algebraic Development

January 14, 16, 21, and 23
4:30 pm - 8:00 pm
SAMC 259

This minicourse builds on the ideas introduced in Landscapes I, II & III, as we explore the landscape of learning for algebra and the associated big ideas, strategies, and models. New participants are welcome- you need not have attended previous landscapes courses to register! Discussions will focus on fostering a conceptual understanding of equivalence and variable, the generalization of numeric relationships and properties, patterning, and functional thinking. Models from Landscapes I, II & III will be refined and developed to support a concrete-pictorial-abstract progression leading to deeper algebraic knowledge and understanding. Classroom routines (e.g. number/algebra strings), that foster algebraic reasoning and take advantage of the range of grade level perspectives represented will be featured.

There is no cost for these workshops! The workshops are open to all P-8 teachers, coaches, and supervisors. Seating is limited so please register by completing the fields below.
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