FaMESHed Designer Application.
About the Application:
FaMESHed is an invite only event. Applying to be part of this event does not mean you will be guaranteed an invite into our event. However, we know that there are many stores out there that create amazing mesh items that we do not know about.
The following are rules & guidelines that include what we expect from our Creators:

A. ALL items are to be 100% original mesh, any items that are found to be template or third party templates will be removed from the event and you will not be invited back.

B. Items are to be NEW and cannot be resold in your store until after the event has concluded (this includes marketplace as well).

C. Appliers such as nails, lipstick, Azz, Lola, Facial, Clothing are not allowed. However, items that are mesh and are Mesh Body sizing is allowed e.g. Maitreya Lara Size or Mesh Head Sizes. Bento Nails are allowed as long as they are original mesh.

D. Re-textured items are only allowed if it is a exclusive colour to the event, but must be sold with other NEW items.

E. We will be regulating the number of items sold at FaMESHed and will be placed into categories e.g. there will be a certain number of Hair, Accessories, Male Fashion, Female Fashion, Shoes and Home and Garden Vendors. FaMESHed will not be an overcrowded event as we want everyone to be in the Spotlight.

**Both Guest and Vendor Designers have the options on forms to select the category they are placed in, please make sure when the designer list is sent out to check your category.**

F. Discounted items are not allowed, all items MUST be sold at full price. This is not a discount event. Our focus is on quality new and exclusive mesh items. We believe you work very hard for your products and deserve to get the full value of your quality items.

G. It is also not required but highly recommended that you provide blogger copies to our exclusive blogger team via the in world “FaMESHed Designer & Bloggers” group.

H. Setup times: FaMESHed runs from the 1st of each month till the 27th, setup will begin on the 28th of that month. All designers are required to be setup at 9am SLT on the 1st of each month.

I. All Designers are required to send their Vendor Ads to ads@fameshed.com every round, this is so we can promote your items and have it in our Inventory system on the website.

J. Designers who are late to setup for two consecutive rounds will not be included/invited in the next round as it is not fair to the other designers who are always setup before the time of opening for the event, unless valid reasons has been given. If you are unable to participate in the event, please notify Elvi Hartley (elviramidnight) ASAP. The more notice we have, the better.

Some things to note:

- We do look at applications received, do not expect to immediately hear from us. If you meet our criteria, we will contact you if/when we have availability.
- If you are a Pose Store, Applier Store, Shape Store - Please do not apply. This is a MESH event only. Fa-MESH-ed, the name says it all.
- We only accept original mesh creators only, if you use templates or purchase outside of Second Life® from 3D websites etc. The mesh has to be of your own creation.
- We do not allow resell of items at this event, all items are to be NEW only. If they were part of other events, then please do not resell it at our event.
- If you cheat your way through the application, we will know. So please take note, and read our rules. Thank you.

We pride ourselves on being original and exclusive mesh designs only at FaMESHed, we always research our Designers items.

Last but not least, if you do not hear from us about your application. It does not mean we have not received it, we have received it and we will contact you if you meet our requirements. We keep a small list of designers at a time, and we always try to have varied designers. Please do not contact us as to why have we not accepted you yet, it is of no offence to you.

Thank you, and good luck.
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