A mentor can have a great impact by supporting our mentees to shape their professional business life in the Netherlands, by applying your skills and knowledge in a meaningful way! You will be matched with one of our aspiring entrepreneurs and will work with them on an individual basis. Throughout the different stages of developing their business concept and potentially support them towards the actual launch of their business.

You don’t need to be an expert on all the bits and pieces of start-up and running a business and have all the answers. You will guide throughout the start-up process and are willing to roll up your sleeves and help to find solutions, as well as zooming out and support on a strategic level.

As a mentor you:
- Understand what it takes to create and run a business and are willing to pass on on your process/project management skills
- Be an inspirational mentor to a mentee in terms of the above content, as well as leadership and other behaviors, mindset, qualities combined with resilience coming from high motivation for this cause
- Are willing to open up your network, but more importantly someone who can pursue the development of contacts for the coached person and help them grow their network
-Interest in diversity and cultural awareness
- You have time, from 2 hours a week over for the duration of the program ( Next program: 3-month mid-June to September 2020) and potentially willing to continue with the follow-up steps

Do you have less than two hours per week available but willing to contribute and share your industry-specific expertise and superpowers?

Please do sign up, the more support the better and there are many ways to get involved!

We look forward to getting to know you!

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