Determining Accountability
Every student enrolled on the first day of the test window is tested for participation rate purposes. Accountability is determined by full academic year (any 100 days of enrollment in the current year), including only the first day of the five-day summative testing window in the spring. This calculation is based on the number of days a student is enrolled in a school or district, not the number of days present.


--- Students attending Craft Academy, Gatton Academy, iLead Academy, Kentucky School for the Blind, and Kentucky School for the Deaf track back to the A1 school that they would have attended if not enrolled in these schools.

--- For The ACT, Alternate Assessment, ACCESS, and Alternate ACCESS, accountability is not based on the date the assessment was taken, but is instead based on 100 days enrolled including the first day of the five-day summative spring testing window.

--- Accountability is determined solely by Primary (P) enrollments in IC. This means that Partial Day (S) and Special Ed (N) enrollments are not used in accountability calculations.

To test your accountability knowledge, try the challenging anonymous quiz at Explanations for each scenario will be provided after you submit your answers.

Did this student have 100 days of Primary enrollment at a single A1 school this year? *
(A full academic year is ANY total 100 days enrolled in a single A1 school during the school year, and does not have to be a single continuous enrollment)
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