Accident Survey
We are developing a collision warning system for motor vehicles and would appreciate your feedback
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Have you ever been involved in a motor vehicle accident as a driver? *
If you were in a motor vehicle accident, was it your fault?
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Did you see or did your vehicle warn you about the vehicle or person you had the collision with before the collision?
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Can you describe what happened in you accident?
If you had advance warning of an impending collision, do you think you could have avoided the collision? *
Do you have a dashcam? *
If you have a dashcam, what brand and model is it?
Why did you purchase that particular model?
When you installed a dashcam in your vehicle, did you tell your insurance company and did the lower your rates?
Would you be interested in a device that could be installed in your vehicle that could warn you of an impending collision with another vehicle or person in sufficient time to avoid the collision? *
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What is the make, model, and year is your vehicle?
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