Wanaka Biathlon Club 2020 Membership
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Club subs are due every year before the start of the ski season (19 Jun 2020)

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Only financial members are allowed to use the range.

I would remind participants, parents and caregivers of the importance of following the Wanaka Biathlon Club's expectations regarding behavior. Firearms training and competition takes place under strict regulations but, as with all hazardous activities, there remains a risk of injury which is mitigated through the participants’ ownership of the dynamic risk assessment.'

The Wanaka Biathlon Club`s Participation Statement>
'The WBCi ( Wanaka Biathlon Club inc ) aims to encourage and promote the sport of Biathlon. The WBCi recognizes that Biathlon is a hazardous activity, with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in this activity should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions. '

The Wanaka Biathlon Club Range Standard Operating Procedures are to be read and adhered to at all times. Please take the time to download the SOP below:

The Wanaka Biathlon Club inc follows the good practice within the New Zealand Firearms Code and the International Biathlon Union guidance. All reasonable measures are taken to protect individuals and property, however the risks always remain with firearms and an Alpine environment.

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It is encouraged that all Biathletes over the age of 16 obtain their firearms licence
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Firearms safety and care
Wanaka Biathlon Club insists that all users of the biathlon range observe the following safety procedure:

Listen to the range officer and do what they say. They are in charge.
The range officer is responsible for closing gates on rear trails.
Check the chamber is empty when you pick up a rifle or when someone hands you a rifle.
Keep rifle muzzles pointed down the range or straight up in the air only.
Rifles are only loaded when ready to fire. Close bolt with butt on shoulder, open bolt a fraction if distracted.
Always open snow flaps fully before first shot
Keep aware of anything approaching the target and background area - if in doubt - stop.
If you have a jam or malfunction, keep muzzle pointed down the range and put your hand up.
Shoot all 5 rounds down the range when. Always leave the mat with an empty rifle and magazine.
Empty all mags before putting rifle back in bag.
If snow gets down muzzle - do not fire. Stop, unload and safely clear the snow. Seek help if unsure.

Keep rifles dry - always take a wet rifle out of it's bag when returning to lockers.
Never 'Dry fire' with a mag in - the firing pin will break.
Use clean ammo. Dirt and grit will damage barrel.
Treat rifles with great care - they are expensive precision instruments.
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Bank Transfer to account 06 0943 0102854 00 - Please name your deposit.
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