✔️5 hours of call time: 2 (30 minute) Calls, and 4 (60 minute) calls
✔️Direct 1:1 access with your publishing coach, Courtney St Croix
✔️Author led, Publisher guided program (which means it will be completely unique and custom to YOU!)
✔️Support, guidance, recommendations and suggestions/advice for all elements of your book/manuscript
✔️Unlimited email access during the program
✔️8 weeks from welcome call to exit call

***This mentorship is structured for those ready to PUBLISH; it is not a writing course or accountability program. If you are applying to work with Courtney, you should have the content for your manuscript (whether for a book or a journal) COMPLETE or NEAR COMPLETE.***

PLEASE NOTE: By filling out this form you are confirming interest in working with Courtney St Croix / LeadHer Publishing for 1:1 Private Mentorship. Courtney only takes a few private clients at a time, and at the time of application she may or may not be actively accepting new authors. Please note that you may not get an immediate response if there aren't any 1:1 spaces open. Should a space open up, you will be contacted via the email provided on this form for further inquiry.
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The rate for the 8 week coaching package is $555/month x 4 or $2111 paid in full. Are you prepared to invest this amount? *
This program is for guidance, support, mentorship and coaching - Courtney will NOT be EXECUTING THE WORK for you; she will guide YOU to execute on tasks required for publishing and preparing your book/journal for Amazon. (Courtney's full service publishing is a different service and a 5 figure investment.) Please confirm you understand this is a COACHING relationship, not a done-for-you publishing service. If you wish to apply instead for publishing SERVICES, please go to and fill out a book proposal form. *
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