UCSD Women Graduate Student Experience Survey
In light of a number of issues affecting women across the UC system and recent complaints regarding the treatment of female UCSD grads, the GSA Diversity Advisory Council seeks your input on 1) how your status as a woman in graduate school at UCSD affects your academic, professional and personal experience on campus and 2) what changes to the current system or additional resources could support you.

We also hope you will see this survey as a forum to ANONYMOUSLY state any interactions with colleagues, employers or students that have negatively affected your experience as a TA, GSR, academic or student, including but not limited to, sexual discrimination, harassment or any unequal treatment appearing to stem from your status as a woman.

What year are you in your program? *
What department are you in? *
Have you ever been asked to leave your program by an administrator, professor, adviser or PI?
If so, what rationale was given by this individual?
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Have you ever had a UCSD student, professor, adviser or administrator proposition you for sex, either directly or indirectly, during or in relation to your campus professional activities?
If so, please give a short description of what occurred.
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What are your top three concerns as a woman graduate student? *
Have you ever felt that your research was treated with less respect than your male colleagues? *
Have you ever been passed over for a TAship that was given to a male graduate student instead? *
Have you ever received a comment on a teaching evaluation that you feel was impacted by your gender identity?
If so, please give a description of this comment
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How do you feel your experience at UCSD been impacted by your gender identity, if at all?
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What could the university administration (Graduate Division, Office of Student Affairs, Office of Academic Affairs, Office of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion) do to help you thrive?
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Did you hear about the Women's Town Hall that was held on February 2, 2016 prior to the event?
If 'Yes': how did you hear about the event? (check all that apply)
If 'Yes' & you did not attend: why not? (check all that apply)
Would you come to another event like this in the future? (please respond whether you heard about this event or not)
If 'Yes' or 'Maybe': Why? (check all that apply)
If 'No' or 'Maybe': Why not? (check all that apply)
Please share any additional thoughts or comments you might have about participating in a Women's Town Hall.
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