Sanford (Sandy) Meisner was one of the most respected acting teachers of all time. The Meisner Technique is widely recognized as one of the most effective acting techniques taught today. it gives actors the building blocks to become emotionally alive actors of depth, imagination and truth. The great strength of Meisner Training is that it is a clear, step-by-step approach to the craft of acting. It develops complete freedom of expression and confidence in your abilities.

Although the Meisner Technique was originally developed for stage actors, it has quickly become the technique of choice in Hollywood… because In film and television, an actor must be able to relate to the circumstances, personalize the character, memorize the lines…and GO! The Meisner Technique makes that second nature.

The Meisner Technique works for theater, film or television because it demands the actor to be completely truthful. The Meisner Technique allows you to connect in a far more truthful and meaningful way to yourself, your acting partners, your imagination, the text, and the circumstances demanded by the script.

Through this workshop, you will:

* Learn to focus your scene partner and the honesty of the moment

* Work on high-stakes television and film scripts to consistently deliver honest, natural fully present performances.

* Get immediate feedback and the opportunity to re-present after applying corrections for gratifying results

Our greatest film actors are able to portray characters so naturally, it seems as if we are in the film with them and they are not in front of a camera.

Over 3 Sundays in January and early February, we will explore "getting out of our heads" learning how to react instinctively to the surrounding environment.

There will be group and individual exercises, as well as individualized coaching. No acting experience? No problem! Just bring your passion and your inquisitive mind! The three week course culminates in a public presentation of the scenes worked on during the course of the workshop open to family, friends, and industry professionals.

WORKSHOP: Acting Bootcamp- Meisner Technique

*REQUIREMENTS: Due to the nature of some of the scene work, you must be over 16 years of age. We also ask that your English Language comprehension and conversation skill level is very high.

Dates: Jan 28, Feb 4, Feb 11- 12pm-4pm (12 hrs total)

Price: 3000NTD (payable in advance)
(maximum 20 participants)
Instruction will be in English

Public Presentation: Feb 11, 5pm

All events will take place at The LAB Space (map link:

Schedule (Subject to change)
Week 1- Jan 28: Introduction to Meisner and putting greater focus on the other actor as opposed to one's internal thoughts or feelings associated to the prescribed character
Week 2- Feb 4: Meisner's Independent activity exercise
Week 3- Feb 11: Final scenes and feedback/public presentation at 5PM


About Brook Hall (acting teacher):
Brook Hall is a producer, director and choreographer and casting assistant who has personally chosen over 3000 actors in various projects in Taiwan. His Monday Night Acting Class ran for 2.5 years, consisting of over 120 drop-in classes and was the number one class for international acting training in Taiwan. He is regularly sought out by talent agents, production companies, and casting directors, universities for workshops and training. He has an impressive roster of celebrities he has coached for TV, event, and Film performances. Furthermore, he worked as an assistant casting director and producer/director in New York and Austin, USA.

As a film director, he holds the distinction of being the only foreigner to 2nd-unit direct on a Taiwanese full Feature (M-RIDERS FILM Voyage to PanGu). In 2014, he served as First Assistant Director on the small Hollywood feature, STAND. In the US, he worked with Richard Linklater, Jesse Tyler Fergusson, J.K. Simmons, Neil Patrick Harris, Ethan Hawke, Kevin Spacey and more,

In 2015, he created an on-camera audition workshop with the casting department of Martin Scorcese's SILENCE. As Artistic Director of the LAB SPACE and Butterfly Effect Theatre Co, he has produced and/or directed over 17 English language productions (press page:


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