NBES Absence Request Form 2018 - 2019
Absence Request Forms must be completed for students in Levels 1-7, Gentlemen's Corps, Ballet Fundamentals, Tap, Hip Hop, African or Jookin. 

You must complete one form per every missed class. Please submit a separate absence for class and rehearsals. 

Please complete this form no later than 2 weeks in advance of a requested absence. Any absence request that is submitted less than 2 weeks in advance will be marked as un-excused - unless it is an emergency or illness/medical. 

All absence requests 2 weeks prior to a performance will be marked as un - excused, unless it is an emergency or an illness/medical.

Excused absences are: 


- If your child wakes up feeling sick and will not make it to class that night, please complete the absence form  - there is no need to call. In the case of sudden sickness, the 2 weeks in advance policy will not apply. After 3 days of sickness, a doctor's note is needed. 
-- Important Note: If your child has a fever or is displaying illness symptoms that prevents them from focusing in class - watching or participating - please complete an absence form and keep them home from class. It is more important that your child take the time to get well, rather than attempt to watch class or potentially expose other students to something contagious.***
- For a consistent medical absence such as long term illness (flu) or an injury, please provide a doctor's note. If your child must attend physical therapy instead of class, this is excused. Please provide us with their physical therapy schedule. 

- All religious holidays are excused. 
- Please note that church events can be marked as un-excused, if they are not related to a religious holiday.

- All college visits for seniors will be marked as excused. Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors may have excused college visits, if they are school sponsored or do not conflict with performances or performance rehearsals.
- Standardized tests are excused. Please provide documentation of your test. On Saturdays, please enter in the time that you will be returning to rehearsal. 
- Mandatory school events are excused, please upload documentation for the event. 

Familial Obligations
- Excused familial obligations are weddings, births, death/funeral events, illness or a family emergency.
---- We understand that there are many important family events in your life that require your child's support. Please let us know the reasoning and we will let you know if this can be excused. However, it is okay to accept the absence as un-excused and take your make-up class! If we know of you absence far in advance, we can do our best to accommodate the schedule so that child does not miss anything new. 
----Keep in mind that Nut ReMix rehearsals can have little, to no flexibility. Continual absences during Nut ReMix can result in changes to casting. 

Special Events 
- We understand that there are other important events in your life that you would like to be set as excused. Please let us know in the notes sections and upload any documentation relevant to the event. You will be notified if the absence is marked as excused.

Absence requests will be reviewed by NBE staff. Students will be notified by email if their absence has not been approved as an excused absence. 

Make Up Classes

-- All students are allowed 2 excused absences per semester. After this, students in levels 4-7, Gentlemen's Corps, Ballet Fundamentals, Tap and Hip Hop must complete a make up class for all remaining excused absences. 

-- If absences are marked as unexcused, students in levels 4-7, Gentlemen's Corps, Ballet Fundamentals, Tap and Hip Hop must complete a make up class within 2 weeks following the absence. After 2 unexcused absences without completing a make up class, parents will be notified about next steps. 

Consistent Absences

--If you have a continual scheduling conflict throughout the semester, please set up a meeting to discuss with NBE staff. 

-- After 5 absences, students and parents will be notified about how we can support your child in remaining consistent with their set class/rehearsal schedule. Consistent absences can result in changes in casting, or even dismissal from the school. 

-- Please note that attendance and the completion of absence requests are a factor in casting and scholarships. 

For questions regarding absence request forms or to set up a meeting about consistent absences, please contact mary@newballet.org

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Doctor's Notes are required for illness/medical absences over 2 days. Please include documentation on academic, religious or familial events, if you have them.
If this absence is not approved as excused, will you accept it as an unexcused absence? *
All students must complete a make-up class in the level below their own, to make up for all un-excused absences.
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