Roadmap to Reunion - FBC Murray Survey
While we are looking forward to resuming our in-person gatherings, your safety is our first priority. Taking this survey will help us as we continue planning the reopening of our building.
When we open our doors again, which best describes your feelings towards returning to a worship service at FBC Murray? Select one:
Are there other signals you would want to see before you return to attend a worship service at FBC? Select all that apply:
What precautions do you expect our church to take for worship gatherings? Select all that apply:
Would you be willing to attend a worship service at a different time than you typically attend to allow people to be more spread out in the auditorium?
What times would you be willing to attend an in-person service? Select all that apply:
How long have you been attending FBC Murray?
If you have any ideas or thoughts regarding the reopening of our doors, please write them here.
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