Make A Difference (MAD) Market
Thank you for supporting the Make A Difference (MAD) Pop-up Market! This is a pop-up online delivery market so we can support local farmers and SMEs and you can get fresh fruits, vegetables, and local goods delivered directly to your doorstep!

What does the MAD Market hope to achieve:
1. Reduce the risk of people going outside
2. Support farmers and SMES (many of whom are going through a difficult time right now)
3. Keep money circulating in the economy - Support local!!
4. Provide healthy and affordable meals for people

Delivery FAQs:
A confirmation text will be sent to you within 24 hours after placing your order.
Orders will be delivered 2-3 days after order has been confirmed.


DELIVERY FEES - for residents of the following, as long as they are delivered on their free delivery days

Loyola Heights - LGV La Vista; Phil-Am Homes (Tuesday)
White Plains, St Ignatius, Green Meadows (Wednesday)
Woodside Homes and new Manila (Thursday)
UPS1, UPS 2 (Friday)
Old Balara Area (Saturday)

Otherwise, distance-based delivery fees will be applied (courier).

Deliveries restricted to the following cities for now: Quezon City, Pasig, Pasay City, Marikina City, Makati City, Mandaluyong City, San Juan City, Manila City, Taguig City, Parañaque City, Sucat, Alabang and *UPS / UHV (United Hills Village and United Parañaque 1 and 2).

Prices are updated regularly as we source from different farmers and SMEs
Online transfer or cash deposit to BPI, BDO or Metrobank
COD via courier for areas other than our partner villages/subdivisions.


Banaba Leaves (P 20/100g)
Bokchoy (Php 140/kg) - NOT AVAILABLE
Cabbage (Php 120/kg)
Celery (Php 160/kg)
Kangkong (Php 120/kg)
Lettuce - Green Ice (Php 250/kg)
Lettuce - Romaine (Php 250/kg)
Malunggay Leaves (P 20/100g)
Sampaloc Leaves (best for flavoring - prime leaves) (P 65/100g)
Pechay (Php 100/kg)
Wombok (Php 120/kg)

Ampalaya/Bitter Gourd (Php140/kg)
Baguio Beans (Php140/kg)
Banana Heart Red / Puso ng Saging (Php90/pc)
Bell Pepper (Red) (Php 180/kg)
Broccoli (Php220/kg)
Carrots (Php100/kg)
Cauliflower (Php200/kg)
Cucumber (Php 90)
Eggplant / Talong (Php110/kg)
Gabi (Php105/kg)
Garlic (Php 190/kg)
Ginger / Luya (Php320/kg)
Mung Bean / Monggo (Php150/kg)
Okra (Php95/kg)
Onion Red / Sibuyas (Php95/kg)
Onion White / Sibuyas (Php95/kg)
Potatoes / Patatas (Php130/kg)
Radish / Labanos (Php120/kg)
Sayote (Php65/kg)
Sili Labuyo (Small) (Php 32/100g)
Sili Sigang/Taiwan (Php 14/100g)
String Beans / Sitaw (Php140/kg)
Sweet Potato / Kamote (Php70/kg)
Squash / Kalabasa (Php60/kg)
Tomato / Kamatis (Php50/kg)
Turmeric / Luyang Dilaw (Php98/kg)

Apple (Php 45/pc)
Avocado (Php 140/kg)
Banana Lakatan / Saging (Php155/kg)
Banana Saba (P90/kg)
Banana Latundan (P 130/kg)
Calamansi (Php130/kg)
Dalandan (Php 140/kg)
Guyabano (P 115/kg) - NOT AVAILABLE
Indian Mango (P40/kg)
Lemon (P27.50/pc)
Mango (Php160/kg)
Melon (Php125/kg)
Papaya Ripe (Php70/kg)
Pineapple (Php 75/kg)
Pomelo/Suha Regular (P150/kg)
Pomelo Special (Menzi) (P 180/kg)

Fruit Faves - P 500
1kg banana
3pcs Ponkan
1kg Mango
1 Pineapple

Seasonal Harvest - P 700
3pcs Kiwi
1Watermelon Oblong
1kg lychee
2 pcs Dragon Fruit

Large white eggs P9/pc - 15s and 30s
SPECIAL OFFER: Brown eggs P 10/pc - 15s and 30s
Well-milled Rice Variety: Local Pandan (P54/kg)
Rock Salt (P30/kg)
Ground Black Pepper (P500/kg)

Benguet Single Origin Arabica 250g (Php 330/pack)
Pangasinan Bottled Bangus Portuguese Mild Spice 220g (P 165/bottle)
Pangasinan Bottled Bangus Pinoy Adobo 220g (P 165/bottle)
Pangasinan Bottled Bangus Fresh Basil Pesto 220g (P 190/bottle)
Pangasinan Bottled Bangus Trio (Php 450 - All 3 flavors )
Tuyo Delizioso (Bottled Tuyo in Corn Oil) (P 190/bottle)
Bangus & Tuyo in Corn Oil (P 190/bottle)
First Harvest Peanut Butter 250g Honey-Sweetened (P 190/bottle)- OUT OF STOCK
First Harvest Peanut Butter 250g Peanut Crunch (P 220/bottle)
Organic Forest Honey (P 180 -120 ml ; P 375 - 250 ml)
Calaboo Kesong Puti de Laguna (P 250/ 250g)
Chocolate Carabao's Milk (P 275/ 1L)
Dark Chocolate Carabao's Milk (P 350/L)

Sliced Loaf bread (P75/loaf)
Banana Cake 500g (P200/pc)
Banana Chocolate Chip Cake 500g (P230/pc)
Carrot Cake with Cashews 500g (P250/pc)
Ensaymada box of 6 (P350/box)
Cheese Roll box of 8 (P420/box)
Cheese Cupcakes box of 12 (P 370/box)

MAD Travel Feed Farmers Today, Fund Tomorrow's Forest (P 150/tree)

Dishwashing Liquid (Lemon-Calamansi/ Grapefruit Pomelo)
P 114.75 250 ml
P 199.75 500 ml
P 359.75 1L
Baby Bottle & Utensil Cleanser
P 199.75 500 ml
P 379.75 1 L
Baby Liquid Detergent P 325/950 ml
Liquid Detergent P 299.75/ 950 ml
Powder Detergent P 234.75/ 1 kg
Natural Sanitizer (Cool Burst/ Citrus Burst/ Zesty Pomelo)
P 69.75 50 ml
P 199.75 200 ml
Skin Shield Lotion- P 99.75/ 50 ml
Skin Shield Oil (Regular/ G6PD-Friendly)
P 99.75 50 ml
P 179.75 100 ml

Strengthening PLUS Shampoo
159.75 180 ml
309.75 400 ml
724.75 1L
Strengthening PLUS Conditioner
174.75 200 ml
299.75 400 ml
699.75 1L
Strengthening Shampoo (Peppermint/Aloe)
144.75 180 ml
279.75 400 ml
Strengthening Conditioner (Peppermint/Aloe)
169.75 200 ml
289.75 400 ml
Moisturizing PLUS Shampoo
179.75 180 ml
349.75 400 ml
799.75 1L
Moisturizing PLUS Conditioner
189.75 200 ml
329.75 400 ml
Moisturizing Shampoo (Vanilla/Mandarin)
144.75 180 ml
279.75 400 ml
Moisturizing Conditioner (Vanilla/Mandarin)
169.75 200 ml
289.75 400 ml
Clarifying Shampoo
159.75 180 ml
299.75 400 ml
Hair Revival Coco Mask- P 329.75
Daily Hair Treatment- P 319.75
Fragrance-free Cleansing Bar - P 69.75
Scented Cleansing Bars (Pink Peony/ Lavender Mint)- P 84.75
Body Wash
Cooling Body Cleanser - P 199.75
Sunflower Beauty Body Scrub- P 350
Volcanic Cooling Body Scrub- P 495
Coffee & Vanilla Body Scrub - P 299.75
Men's 2-in-1 Body Wash & Shampoo
159.75 180 ml
299.75 400 ml
Refreshing Shower Gel- P 164.75
Bamboo Cleansing Bar- P 84.75
Feminine Washes
Odor Protect - P 174.75
Protection for Red Days- P149.75
Chamomile Cool
146.75 165 ml
299.75 400 ml
Chamomile Fresh
139.75 165 ml
279.75 400 ml
146.75 165 ml
Beauty PLUS Deo Stick- P 209.75
Beauty PLUS Deo Roll-on (Fresh Blossom/ Powder Light)/ Protect PLUS for Men-P 159.75
Deo Roll-on (Powder Fresh/Petal Fresh/ For Men)- P 119.75
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