Rogerg ScotiaCon messenger tournament game
The Royal Messenger has gone missing. 16 will trial to be the new Royal Messenger, each round will consist of 4 people racing against each other, the winner to go to the next round.
There some races that will have hazards, that they have to overcome.
The great thing is the public is in control of the dice rolls, not the players on the board.
And yes you do get to hold hobby furry.
Also there are prizes, don't worry I've got something for everyone. This will be getting done on the Friday evening.
Don't worry I'm not responsible for any of the following, victims going missing, I mean..... Candidates succeeding and failing.... Yes that's what I mean
Tutorial video to save me explaining what's going on with it
Just to try to give you an understanding on the way I'm trying to do it but otherwise you want in carry on.
In true style except not getting fired off into the air into a pit of some sort for failing in the wrong answer
What is your name? *
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What is your favourite colour?
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What is your badge number? *
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What Method of contact if you've been successful in being selected, Telegram, Twitter, ETC. And handle (ex: Twitter @handle,Telegram @handle, email address) *
Basically the best way to get hold of you. if you've been successful
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player count 16 out of 16
wow 16 out of 16 victims you're more than welcome to come along to throw the dice .
But there's always a chance of drop out so there's still a chance

please bear in mind I have to update this manually the count.
Thank you for your sacrifice..... I mean presents. Another thing if you're not there I will grab someone at random from the public to take your place and they will claim winnings if they survive. I will be closing this when I get enough people. This will be done in in the tournament thing down below with 4 people starting on each block. 8 to 16 people 16 being the Max
Group list and victim's this as some changes of people may be shuffled into a different group depending on the numbers but so far:
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